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Planispheres — Round Star Charts

Planispheres are time-proven round star charts that have introduced millions to the heavens over the past century. The David H. Levy's Guide to the Stars planispheres were designed from the ground up to be the easiest, clearest, and most practical ever. These star charts are perfect for beginners and dabblers to explore and learn the constellations because they can be “dialed-in” to any hour and day of the year. Each indicates binocular objects and on their back sides, includes information on the Moon, planets and meteor showers. The larger 16-inch versions have additional binocular objects and a historical timeline. Made in the USA of 100% durable plastic.

16-inch English, Latitudes 30°-60° N, Retail $19.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-01-7)
16-inch SPANISH, Latitudes 30°-60° N, Retail $19.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-19-X)
11-inch English, Latitudes 30°-60° N, Retail $14.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-03-3)
Equatorial Planisphere, Latitudes 30° N-60° S, Retail $16.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-77-7) See info below.
11-inch English Southern Hemisphere, Latitudes 30°-60° S, Retail $12.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-11-4)

11-inch STUDENT version, Latitudes 30°-60° N, Retail $4.00 (ISBN# 1-928771-22-X)
Made in the USA of coated card stock.

IMAGES of the FRONT of all the Planispheres
IMAGES of the BACKS of all the Planispheres

New for 2010, an Equatorial Planisphere

Designed specifically for use around the equator
but usuable for latitudes 30° North to 30° South.

Retail $16.95
(ISBN# 1-928771-77-7)
Instructions are in English and Spanish.
Includes a table of the Meteor Showers.
Indicates 88 Deep Sky Objects and 67 Double Stars.

Click here for a DESCRIPTION. // Click here for a LARGER IMAGE.


Field Guide Reference Charts

Celestial field guides loaded with useful information for the
BEGINNER and more experienced amateur.


— Full color with loads of information and charts on both sides.
— Accordion fold for easy use and convenient storage.
— Definitions and explanations provided so everyone can enjoy the heavens.
— Plastic laminated to resist moisture.
— Experienced amateur astronomers will find these as useful as beginners.
— Perfect for star parties, when you need a quick reference.
— Folded size: 3.875x 8.5 inches. Unfolds to 8.5x19 inches.
— Written and designed by astronomy author, Ken Graun.

Atlas of the Heavens, Retail $9.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-66-1)
Messier's Objects, Retail $9.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-67-X)
Our Moon, Retail $9.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-68-8)

IMAGES of the Front/Back of the ATLAS
IMAGES of the Front/Back of the MOON MAP
IMAGES of the Front/Back of the MESSIER CHART



Sample Pages

What's Out Tonight? Our best seller, What's Out Tonight? has been significantly revised for this 2006 edition. It has been expanded, updated and printed in full color on a durable paper. New sections include mythology, double and variable stars and the Messier catalog. Includes 185 photos, 65 separate tables, 40 illustrations and 18 star chart covering the northern and southern hemispheres. It retains its original ease of use with tabbed sections and heavy cross-referencing. Although written for the beginner and dabblers, it is a valuable resource for the more seasoned observer. Includes extensive information on observing every type of celestial object, a section on choosing a telescope, sunrise and sunset times for over 200 North American cities.
Retail $39.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-50-5)

•Written especially for beginners, dabblers or budding amateur astronomers, high school to adult
•6" x 9" •Softcover •400 full-color pages
•Loaded with color photos, illustrations and tables
•First page TOC, Tabbed pages, annotated glossary, index


Sample Pages BEGINNING .... Sample Pages CATALOGUE

The Next Step The Next Step: Finding and Viewing Messier's Objects is the latest and hottest book on the Messier catalogue. This book received rave reviews in Sky & Telescope, Astronomy magazine, Cloudy Night Reviews and has been endorsed by Tele Vue, a premier telescope manufacturer in the US. The Next Step includes new pictures and historical information on Charles Messier, a complete set of colored star charts to find all the objects, consistent layout for each object, same-scale photographs of each object for easy comparison, Messier marathons information, tips on observing and locating objects.
Retail: $29.95, (ISBN# 1-928771-12-2)

•Written especially for beginners who want to go beyond observing the Moon, Planets and Sun. •8.5" x 7.25" •Hardcover •352 pages. First 107 pages are in full color.
•Tabbed pages
•Expanded glossary
•22 pages of charts for locating the objects including detailed charts of the Virgo Cluster area


Sample Pages

Touring the Universe was written especially for beginners or novices as an introduction to exploring the celestial sphere. This book is always ready for readers because it lists celestial events for 15 years, including eclipses, Moon phases, planetary positions, etc. Clearly written, well organized and heavily illustrated to make exploring the heavens fun and easy. Divided into two sections. The first provides a pictorial and up-to-date overview of our solar system, galaxies and the universe. The second section provides star charts, tables and informative descriptions/tips to help beginners go out and explore the sky with their naked eyes, binoculars or telescopes. This complete guide also has extensive information on choosing a telescope. Star charts cover the entire northern and southern hemispheres, with descriptions of over 100 celestial objects.
Retail $27.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-15-7)

•Written especially for beginners, dabblers or budding amateur astronomers, high school to adult •10.5" x 10.5"
•4-color softcover, spiral bound (lays flat for easy use of star charts)
•128 pages, full color throughout
•Loaded with color photos, illustrations and tables
•TOC, glossary, index
•Tabbed pages


Sample Chapter

Lunar Prospector Lunar Prospector: Against all Odds, by Dr. Alan B. Binder is the complete chronology of the highly successful “Lunar Prospector” spacecraft mission that went to the Moon in 1998 and was later crashed on the surface with Gene Shoemakers ashes aboard. Written by Dr. Binder, the Principal Investigator who conceived the project, secured funding, oversaw the spacecraft construction and ran the mission. Highly insightful about the inside workings of NASA and other aerospace industries. Additionally, this book is one of the few that offers the unabashed thoughts and feelings of a Principal Investigator to accomplish a mission in a system that is, for all practically purposes, broken. This is not a technical book. Highly recommended for the space enthusiast.
Retail: $44.95, (ISBN# 1-928771-31-9)

•6" x 9" •1,181 pages
•Softcover •Includes over 100 pages of photographs
•Diary-like account of day-to-day events.
This is not a technical book.



Moonquake, a SCIENCE-FICTION novel by Dr. Alan B. Binder who was the catalyst and brains behind the Lunar Prospector space mission to the Moon. He is the noted discoverer of water at the lunar poles. In this, his first science fiction novel, NASA has blown it again with another shuttle disaster. They are put on a short leash to establish the first lunar base. But, it is difficult for a moving behemoth to change direction. As might be expected, the moonbase does not meet the approval of everyone involved. Normally this might be okay but space is fraught with many unknowns and dangers so it is better to err on the side of robustness than “adequate.” Things get shaken up a bit and there is a race to avoid death.
Retail: $7.99, (ISBN# 1-928771-25-4)

•4.25" x 7 "
•Softcover •328 pages



Children's 21st Century Astronomy Series
These astronomy books introduce youngsters to the wonders of the universe. The series starts with exploring our backyard, the solar system and continues by examining our galaxy and its place in the universe. Learning about astronomy will occur naturally as they examine photographs, compare information and follow the explanatory text. There are even observing activities to further engage interest. Suitable for... Ages 8 through 12.

•Hardcover with dust jackets and cover wraps, Full color, 36 pages, 8.5" x 11"
•Heavily illustrated, summary boxes and observing activities

Our Constellations and their Stars, Retail $15.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-09-2)
Our Galaxy and the Universe,
Retail $15.95 (ISBN# 1-928771-08-4)

Our Earth and the Solar System, our most popular children's book
is out of print. It may be several years before it is revised and reprinted.



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